The predecessor of Nantong Sancon Electronic Technology Corporation was Haimen Sancon Electronics Co.Ltd . It is a professional factory which is mainly engaged in aluminum electrolytic capacitor R&D, production and sales . An advanced technology , equipment and production management mode has been introduced From Japan . ....

Product classification

SMD capacitor

Snap-in capacitor

Screw Capacitor

Radial capacitor


Product advantage

Strong strength and trustworthiness

Soft and hard strength, providing professional capacitor solutions; strong technical force, with elite talents in the electronics industry

Complete specifications, reliable quality

Strict quality management system to ensure good quality delivery; product voltage stability, power stability, easy operation, stability, energy saving

Service system, punctual delivery

Scientific time control system, timely delivery and guarantee; Professional production team, fine division of labor for each post

Perfect service, no worry after sale

Perfect and perfect service system, follow up the product situation, provide professional technical support; Bulk order, affordable price, 3-year warranty after purchase


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